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いつもはアマゾンビデオで見ているのですが、英語字幕ないし、 シーズン3までは、DVDに英語字幕が付いていたんですが、なくなってしまったようです。 とっても残念!!

Drop Dead Diva/私はラブリーガルのシーズン4からDVDは、英語字幕ありませんので、購入する際はお気をつけください(笑)

私はラブ・リーガル DROP DEAD Diva シーズン4 DVD-BOX

私はラブ・リーガル DROP DEAD Diva シーズン4 DVD-BOX

内容的にビジネス英語と日常会話を勉強するのに最適なTVシリーズです。 前回、内容について触れていますので、気になる方はこちらの記事もどうぞ。




  1. 英語字幕スクリプトをプリントアウト
  2. 英語字幕のスクリプトを手元にDVDを見る
  3. わからない単語、聞き取れなかった単語やフレーズにハイライト
  4. 見終わったら、単語の意味を調べる
  5. またDVDを見る
  6. わからなかった単語、聞き取れなかった単語やフレーズの箇所で一時停止
  7. 発音やイントネーションをチェックして、同じように話せるようになるまで口に出して話す



Drop Dead Diva/私はラブリーガル シーズン4 第1話

ここからは、シーズン4 第1話の英語字幕を載せていきます。 実際にDVD見ながら、ハイライトした単語もそのまま表示しています。


アマゾンプライム会員の方は、こちらのシーズン4 第1話無料で見れます。




  • Dear friends, it's been three weeks since I left L.A. ,and I hope you can forgive my disappearing act.
  • My journey has been impulsive, irrational, and utterly fantastic. With distance, I've gained clarity.

    impulsive[impʌ́lsiv] 衝動的な、衝動に駆られた
    irrational[irǽʃənl] 理不尽な、筋の通らない、訳の分からない
    utterly 全く、完全に、徹底的に、すっかり

  • I've learned new things about myself and those closest to me.

  • I have come to realize that all the professional success in the world just won't keep me warm at night.
  • That forces beyond our control can change our priorities. And that it's okay to rewrite our dreams.
  • To be honest, I've never been happier. I wish you all the same.
  • Until we meet again, arrivederci, Jane.

    arrivederci  さようなら ※イタリア語


  • I sent it.
  • Good.
  • Then let's talk about the day.
  • Okay.
  • We could go to the Palazzo Borromeo, Palazzo Reale
  • Mm-hmm.
  • Palazzo Mario.
  • I'm kind of palazzo'd out. You know, Owen This has been the best three weeks of my entire life.
  • Hmm.
  • It's just possible that maybe I'm a teeny, tiny bit homesick.
  • Thank God.
  • What?
  • Oh, no, I'm pleased, don't get me wrong.I'm having a wonderful time.It's been incredible.But it's because I'm with you. If you want to go home, just say the word.

    I'm pleased 私は嬉しいです

  • Jane!

  • Oh, my God! Teri, what are you doing here?
  • I installed a tracer app on your cell phone after that time that you told me you were in court, but actually you were at the Barney's Warehouse sale.
  • Oh, that was fun.
  • I'm gonna let you two catch up. Excuse me.
  • What's going on?
  • You need to come home.


  • Grayson. With Parker gone, you know I'm acting managing partner, right?
  • You remind me every day.
  • And as acting managing partner, it's my responsibility to tell you. you're sliding.

    sliding スライディング・滑り込み=だらけている?

  • What?

  • You missed a pretrial settlement conference, failed to file a motion in limine, forgot your client's name in a closing argument.
  • That pretrial conference was rescheduled, the motion was moot, and I won that case.
  • Are you drinking? Are you getting enough sleep?
  • I have a question. As acting managing partner, can you tell me why my paycheck bounced?
  • It was a computer glitch.

    glitch 問題、故障、誤作動、異常、技術的なミス、不調

  • Hmm. I guess even computers screw up once in a while. I should get back to work.


  • So you flew halfway across the world to bring me back?
  • Well, I tried calling you, but you weren't picking up. Teri
  • All right. Kim sent me. Parker is off looking for his ex-girlfriend and their son.
  • Right.
  • Now Kim is in charge of the firm. And apparently, we are broke.
  • What?
  • You heard me.
  • Okay. And Kim wants my help?
  • Yes.
  • Do you remember Emily Horn?
  • No. Can't say that I do.
  • She was about a year behind you in law school. She married that super-rich dude. She was, like, your first really big client at the firm.
  • Not ringing a bell.
  • Well, ding-ding. Emily has been charged with murder. She's agreed to hire the firm on one condition that you are first chair.
  • Well, you can tell Kim that Owen and I are having the time of our lives and we have no intention of coming back for her. Right?
  • What she said.
  • Yep.
  • Kim is offering first-class airfare back to Los Angeles and her parking space and keys to the executive washroom.
  • Wait. We have an executive washroom?
  • Have you seen my Doc Martens underneath a stall?
  • And you have a key?
  • This is not about me. Also on the table free gym membership, car allowance, priority vacation days.
  • Mm. Anything else?
  • I've held nothing back.


  • Who is it?
  • Grayson. I've been calling you for days.
  • Yeah. Super busy. Actually, I'm late for an audition, so
  • I thought you gave up acting.
  • Right.I have a doctor's appointment. It's a female thing, so I really have to go.
  • You can't keep avoiding me.
  • Me avoiding you? Don't be ridiculous.
  • What did you mean when you said: "Jane is Deb"?
  • Did I say that? I don't think so.
  • In my office, after I kissed you. And I'm sorry about that. You said, "Jane is Deb".
  • I did. But, Grayson, you can't be somebody else. I just meant that Deb was my best friend, and now Jane is my best friend. And if I close my eyes, they could practically be the same person. I know that sounds crazy, but No, it doesn't.
  • Wait! - I need to tell you something.
  • Are you sure you do? Because once you say something, it's really hard to take it back.
  • I haven't stopped thinking about Jane since she left for Italy.
  • Hey, Kim. Oh, that's good news. See you. Guess who's back from Milan.


  • Thank you.
  • We are all set. Your chariot awaits.


  • Welcome back.

  • Thank you.
  • You okay?
  • Oh, yeah. Yeah, I thought I saw, um Never mind.
  • Let's go.

  • Jane! Welcome back.

  • Well, grazie. An Italian pastry. The struffoli is to die for.

    struffoli イタリアの揚げパン
    die for 死んでもいいくらいいい(ここでは死んでもいいくらい美味しい!と言う意味)

  • Let's get started.

  • Our client Emily Horn. Arrested three months ago, on the night of the murder. And this is Troy Minder, with a rap sheet - the victim.
  • Oh. Congratulations. I heard you made partner.
  • I hope it won't create an uncomfortable dynamic between the two of us.
  • I also heard that the firm is having financial problems and that it's up to you to save us all. You must feel like the Captain of the Titanic, right?
  • I need you to focus.
  • You have my full attention.
  • Emily and Troy were having an affair. It lasted a few weeks but ended six months ago. However, one hour before Troy was killed, he placed a phone call from his downtown loft to her home phone in Santa Monica. The call lasted three minutes. Phone records. Based on that call, the police got a warrant. They found a bloody wrench in the backseat of Emily's car. Cause of death blunt-force trauma.

    blunt force trauma  鈍器損傷(外傷)

  • Well, things aren't looking good for Emily.

  • Yeah. It gets worse. Emily's earring was found at Troy's home, with her DNA, six feet from his body.
  • Okay. When's the trial?
  • Two days.
  • Well, would have been nice to know that part.
  • Well, you'd still be in Milan. Got to save the Titanic, right?


  • Oh.
  • So, she was in Italy with Owen.
  • I saw them kissing at the airport.
  • Oh.
  • What are you gonna do?
  • Nothing. And you have to promise me you won't tell Jane about what I told you.
  • But if you have feelings for her.
  • No, promise me.
  • Fine.
  • Stacy, uh, can I ask you something?
  • Sure.
  • Does, uh Did Jane ever talk about me? You know, like, in that way?
  • Are you asking if she,
  • uh Actually, never mind. It doesn't matter now. I don't want to know.
  • Okay.


  • Your killer is here.
  • Teri!
  • Sorry. Your alleged, even though I think she did "it" killer is here.

    alleged[əlédʒd] 〔疑わしいが〕そう思われている、いわゆる

  • Jane. Oh! So good to see you. Oh, I knew you'd come back for me.

  • Well, you were my first big client, so I owe you.
  • Oh, you and I both know that's not why you're here.
  • We do?
  • You believe I'm innocent.
  • Oh!
  • Every lawyer on my previous team thought I was guilty. Instead of prepping my defense, they wasted three months trying to convince me to take a plea.

    plea[plíː] 〔起訴された被告の正式な〕答弁、抗弁〔公判における被告の〕罪状の申し立て、罪状認否

  • I should have come to you in the first place. I'm really sorry.

  • Oh, yeah, that's okay. You know what? We actually don't have that much time, so we should just get started. Okay the day of the murder, Troy called you?
  • Yes. He said he missed me, wanted to know if I'd be open to coffee. When I said no, that was the end of it.
  • Okay. What about the earring?
  • Well, I must have left it at his place when we were seeing each other, which is what I told the detectives. I didn't even know I'd lost it.
  • And what about the murder weapon? They found it in your car.
  • Parked on my driveway. Well, I think the killer must have put the wrench in my car.
  • Okay. You think you're being framed?

    be framed でっち上げで(人)に罪を着せられる、(人)を犯人に仕立てられる

  • It's the only explanation. You know, Troy had an ex-girlfriend, Amber Raines. She despised me.

    despise[dispáiz] ~を見下す[軽蔑する]

  • Once, she caught us together. Troy had to pull her off of me. You believe me, don't you? Look, Jane, I know how you work. In law school, I saw you advocate for your clients in that clinic. If you believe in someone, if you feel it in your gut, you are amazing.

    advocate[ǽdvəkèit] 主張する、推奨する、支持する、弁護する

  • I want to believe you, Emily. So I will do my best to be amazing.


  • You're moving into Parker's office?
  • Just till he gets back. How's Emily?
  • I'm going to go talk to her husband. If we're gonna use him as an alibi witness, he needs to be rock solid.
  • Agreed.
  • And I need you to track down an Amber Raines. She used to date the victim. Emily believes she's being framed, possibly by Amber.
  • What? What's so funny?
  • Come on. You read the file. Our client's guilty, and last minute finger-pointing is a desperate move.
  • Okay, if she's guilty, then why would she leave the wrench in her own car? She's not an idiot.
  • It's called panic. Killers plan up to the murder. They don't think about what happens next.
  • Do you have something better?
  • No.
  • Let me know how it goes with Amber Raines.


  • Jane!
  • Stacy! Hi. What are you doing here?
  • Well, I was hoping to give my bestie a "welcome home" hug. I missed you, sweetie.
  • Thanks.
  • Yeah, you know what? Um, I'm just really busy.
  • Well, I just want to make sure that everything is okay.
  • Oh, you're trying to figure out if I saw you, my best friend, kiss Grayson, the man I once loved, and if that could possibly be the reason why I haven't been in touch. The answer's "yes”. Excuse me.


  • I believe my wife is innocent.
  • That's good news.
  • But I also believed she was incapable of infidelity. After she was arrested, I found out I was wrong. Look, I love my wife, and I've forgiven her. But I don't think you should call me as a witness.
  • Why is that?
  • On the night of the murder, I went to the gym. I was gone two hours. She was at home when I left and she was at home when I returned, but I can't vouch for the time in between. I'm sorry.


  • Excuse me. I'm looking for Amber Raines.
  • She's right over there.
  • Thank you. Amber.
  • Yeah. Can I help you?
  • I'm here about Troy Minder.
  • Oh! You're a Detective, right? It's the suit dead giveaway. And I told you guys everything I know already.
  • You spoke to other detectives.
  • Yeah. Same night Troy turned up dead. They asked if I was at his place. I told them I was in Vegas and I could prove it. And then I told them I was glad the a-hole was dead. Don't you guys talk to each other?


  • Hey! I'm glad you're home. I made you cookies.
  • You think cookies can make up for what you did? You didn't spill nail polish on my new bedspread, Stacy. You kissed Grayson.
  • It wasn't like that. Grayson kissed me. He said I reminded him so much of Deb, and then he leaned in and he kissed me.
  • But you didn't stop it!
  • Of course, I did. I pushed him away and I told him.
  • You told him what?
  • I told him that I'm not Deb, that I could never be Deb, and that I wasn't interested in him, which is the truth.
  • Peanut butter M&M? I was really angry with you. Cause I just couldn't understand how you could do that with him. So I'm sorry.
  • I forgive you.
  • Okay.
  • On one condition. Tell me where's Fred? I mean, I thought he left town with you, but he's not back.
  • Oh, no. Oh, see, when I saw you kiss Grayson
  • Uh, when you saw him kiss me.
  • Right.
  • I kind of told him about it.
  • No!
  • When I left for Italy, he was at the airport, which means he could be anywhere in the world, Stacy.
  • Guess who.
  • How'd you do that?
  • Fred!
  • Fred! I'm so glad you're here.
  • I'm here to see Jane. I just heard you were back.
  • I am, yes.
  • Please come in because there's something I want to talk to you about.
  • Sure.
  • But, uh, can you give me a second? Ally's paying the cab.
  • Ally?
  • That's me.
  • Jane, Stacy, this is Ally. My girlfriend.


  • So, there I was at the airport, staring at the departure board, trying to decide where to go, when all of a sudden, it hit me Iowa.
  • Iowa?
  • Totally underrated state! It was once a part of the French colony
  • and after the Louisiana purchase, it became an agriculture-based economy in the heart of the corn belt!
  • And you know how much I love corn.
  • We both do.
  • So, you two met in Iowa.
  • Oh, no. No, I never made it. Uh, see, I was passing through security when my green lantern key chain set off the metal detector.
  • The keychain I gave you for your birthday?
  • And Ally volunteered to pat me down.
  • Wow. So you're a TSA worker?
  • Honor, courage, commitment.
  • Yeah.
  • That's the Navy. So, I thought guys only patted down guys.
  • That rule was just begging to be broken.
  • She has this incredible technique.
  • Oh.
  • Let's show 'em.
  • Oh, no.
  • Come on.
  • Okay. Okay, the first thing you do is you got to distract 'em with your hands, and then you feel the rest of them with your body. No one's concealing a gun when I'm around.
  • That's awfully thorough.
  • Thank you.
  • So, after the pat down, I bought her some coffee.
  • Oh, and we talked for hours.
  • And I missed my flight.
  • And I never went back to work!
  • Wow!


  • Can I help you, Jane's boyfriend?
  • You know my name's Owen, right?
  • Sure thing, Jane's boyfriend.
  • Well, Jane's assistant, I've been trying to reach her.
  • She went home. But then Kim called, and now they're headed to court. I'll let her know you stopped by.
  • Thank you.
  • Hey, Owen. How was Italy?
  • Uh, fantastic. Thanks for asking.
  • So, uh, the trip, it was kind of impulsive.Yeah?
  • Sure.Yeah, I guess. But, hey, that's how I roll. When I saw the movie "Julie & Julia," I took a whole day off and made a beef bourguignon.

    bourguignon ブルゴーニュ風の

  • I don't even eat red meat.

  • Owen, uh, not to step over a line, but you and Jane
  • Yes, counselor?
  • Is it serious?
  • I got to wonder why you're asking.
  • She's a co-worker, a good friend. I'm watching out for her.

    watch out for  目を配る(相手が大変なことに遭わないように注意する)

  • And you think I could be a bad influence?
  • No, of course not. It's just -
  • Counselor, She's lucky she has people who care.


  • Another shot and make it a double.
  • That's your third wheatgrass in less than an hour. Any more and I'm gonna have to call you a cab.
  • I'm here to see Nikki Lepree. Is she around?
  • You're looking at her.
  • You're the Nikki Lepree? You know you have quite the reputation.
  • I hate when people talk about me.
  • Well, everyone at yoga says you're a relationship guru. You're like Dr.Phil but without the mustache.
  • All right.So, what's your problem?
  • Oh. I'm in love with my ex, but he's with someone else now, and I think I blew it.
  • So why are you telling me?
  • But you just told me to.
  • Tell him, not me. That's what I meant. Now is the time to make bold moves.
  • Really?
  • Yes.
  • You have to give it everything you've got.
  • Okay, Nikki Lepree, I'll do it.
  • Good. And don't leave anything on the table. Undergarments optional.
  • Hmm.


  • Counsel, it is 7:45, and I'm tired.
  • What is the emergency, Ms.Kaswell?
  • It's come to our attention that the D.A.has withheld discovery.

    withholdの過去形 差し控える、自制する

  • What?
  • I spoke with Amber Raines, the victim's ex-girlfriend. She was interviewed by the L.A.P.D. We never received a statement.
  • Is that true?
  • We didn't conceal anything. Ms.Raines had a sound alibi, and that interview was irrelevant.
  • The woman hated the victim.
  • You don't think that's relevant? In light of this discovery, we need time to see where it might lead. So we request a continuance.
  • There's no unfair surprise here. That's the standard.
  • I agree. Nice try, but trial starts tomorrow at noon. Good night.


  • Morning. Teri, thank you.I was up all last night reviewing the transcripts. Total waste of time. We have four hours till the trial, so can you get me the forensic reports again?
  • Whoa. Slow down. The D.A. just faxed over a revised witness list. First up Anton Horn, Emily's husband.
  • Mm, no, they can't call him. Spousal immunity precludes it.
  • Well, the D.A.isn't stupid. Something's going on.
  • All right, I'll get this before the judge immediately.
  • How can I help?
  • Get me everything on Mr.Horn. Start with the hall of records. I want a copy of that marriage license. And then I don't know just dig deep.
  • I'm on it.
  • Thank you.


  • Thank you for coming.
  • Well, Ally insisted. She read the 18 texts you sent me in the last hour. Said I owed it to our past to show up and communicate.
  • I want you to know I didn't kiss Grayson.
  • Did your lips touch? 'Cause I'm pretty sure if they did, it's a kiss.
  • It's not that simple. Fred, I want you back. We belong together.
  • I'm sorry. I'm with Ally now.
  • Fred
  • Yeah.
  • Well, is there anything I can say, anything I can do? I love you. And I just don't want to leave anything on the table.
  • I'm sorry. I really have to go. So, um I'll see you around, okay?


  • Mr.Horn cannot be compelled to testify against his wife. He has invoked spousal immunity, California evidence code section 9-70.
  • You know better, counselor.
  • Two years ago, they filed for legal separation, voiding the immunity.
  • No, we never got divorced. We reconciled.
  • Doesn't matter. This is their petition of dissolution. Since neither party filed to rescind, they're still legally separated, and Mr.Horn cannot assert immunity.
  • That's correct.
  • Wait.
  • Your Honor, public policy supports immunity regardless of
  • Nice try, but the law is clear.
  • I'd like to see if the D.A.is open to a plea.

    plea[plíː] 〔起訴された被告の正式な〕答弁、抗弁〔公判における被告の〕罪状の申し立て、罪状認否

  • No way.

  • Emily with your husband poking holes in your alibi, we have nothing.
  • Please, Jane, don't make me confess to something I didn't do.
  • Okay. You went to law school. How do I defend you?
  • Since my husband's testifying, I should tell you. He knew about my affair. I mean before Troy turned up dead.
  • Wait.
  • He told me he didn't know until after your arrest.
  • I know what he told you, but the next time you ask, he'll be under oath.

    oath 宣言


  • Jane!
  • Hey. Fred. What are you doing here? Oh, my God. Are you okay?
  • I, uh I met Stacy for coffee. She said she still loved me. I told her I'm with Ally now.
  • Okay.
  • I, uh I told Ally about the coffee, and she asked if I still had feelings for Stacy.
  • What'd you say?
  • I hesitated.
  • Oh, God.
  • It was it was like a long breath.
  • Fred, you can't hesitate when a woman asks a question like that.
  • Jane, Ally left me, and I'm I'm I'm devastated. I'm bereft. I'm
  • A drama queen. Listen, I know what's going on here.
  • Yeah, I just told you.
  • When I was 10 years old, Cyndi Lauper got hit by a car and died.
  • Cyndi Lauper?
  • Oh, yeah. Cyndi Lauper was my cat. She was this gorgeous tabby, and I I loved her. But you know what? I didn't cry or anything. And then the next day, my mom told me we were out of juice, and I burst into tears. Sobbed uncontrollably because we were out of juice.
  • I'm I'm so sorry.
  • Ally is the juice. You're not crying over someone you've only known for three weeks. You're crying over Cyndi Lauper, someone you love. So go make it right with Stacy or buy yourself a cat.


  • Hey, Nikki! Your advice sucked.
  • Well, you didn't leave me a tip, so we're even.
  • I'm sorry. It's just I followed your guru wisdom. I told him that I loved him, and now it's over.
  • So I gave you fantastic advice.
  • Say what?
  • Look, you left nothing on the table, and now it's time to move on. Stacy, you're bold, beautiful, young, and restless. If he can't see you're a catch, it wasn't meant to be. Give me your phone.
  • My phone?
  • You're also weak. You're gonna walk out of here, text him. It's not gonna be pretty. Hand it over. Check this out.
  • We have the same phone.
  • All right. What is this jerk's name?
  • Fred. With an "F." Fred with an "F.
  • Delete.
  • Now, if he comes back to you because he's single again or wants to borrow your black AmEx for a quick trip to Atlantic City, you stay strong and just say no.
  • No! Yes to you. No to Fred. Oh, thank you. Thank you so much, Nikki Lepree.
  • Oh. Oh, I got to go. That's my 11:00. She left her husband after 72 days. Everyone on Twitter is freaking out.
  • Whoa. Good luck.


  • I left for Axel Fitness at 8:00 P.M. I returned home at 10:00 P.M.
  • Can you account for your wife's whereabouts while you were gone?
  • No.
  • When did you find out about your wife's affair with the deceased?
  • I don't recall.
  • I'm going to remind you that you are under oath. Did you find out about the affair prior to the murder?
  • Yes. I found an old e-mail from Troy. I confronted Emily with it. She told me everything, and I forgave her.
  • You said you left the house at approximately 8:00 P.M., which means you were home when the victim called the house at 7:30?
  • I guess.
  • So it's conceivable that you could have answered the phone, isn't it?
  • But I didn't.
  • But if you had answered the phone and you had heard his voice, you'd be upset, right? I mean, the man did have an affair with your wife.
  • Objection. Asked and answered.
  • Sustained. Move on, Ms.Bingum.
  • Yes, Your Honor. Oh. One moment, please. What's going on?
  • I need to take over.
  • Okay.
  • We spoke with management at Axel Fitness. Are you aware they have no record of you checking in on the night in question?
  • Sometimes I forget to swipe my card.
  • When you work out, do you sweat?
  • Of course.
  • The police seized every item of soiled laundry from the Horn residence. Let the record reflect the absence of sweat-stained gym clothes.
  • Objection. Mr.Horn is not on trial.
  • Maybe he should be.
  • Both parties, approach now. What the hell is going on?
  • Reasonable doubt, Your Honor.
  • Mr.Horn had motive, means, and opportunity.
  • And we believe he framed Emily. Why would she leave the murder weapon in her car? She's not an idiot.
  • Mr.Horn lied about his whereabouts not to protect his wife but to set her up. Payback for her affair.
  • If you proceed, I'm gonna allow this line of questioning.Which way is this gonna go?
  • If Ms.Horn agrees to testify against her husband, we'll drop all charges against her.
  • Excuse me.
  • We agree to the terms. Ms.Horn will testify against Mr.Horn.
  • What?!
  • Bailiff
  • Emily?
  • take this man into custody.
  • Stop! Wait! Emily No, no, no, no, no, no. Wait, wait! Emily, you don't understand.You have to believe me. Em Stop! Your Honor, please.


  • So, as acting managing partner, I propose a toast to the firm. May this win bring us press, new clients, and a steady revenue stream. Cheers, everybody.
  • Cheers.
  • Jane
  • Oh. Excuse me. What's going on?
  • There's something I need to tell you.
  • Okay.
  • Anton didn't kill Troy.
  • I know that you feel guilty about turning on him, but you have to stay strong.
  • No. No. You don't understand. Anton didn't kill Troy. I did.
  • We had our affair, he didn't know who I really was. And then a photo of me appeared in the newspaper. I was hosting a charity event with Anton. When Troy realized I was wealthy
  • He tried to blackmail you.
  • Yeah. But it was too late. Anton already knew about the affair. Troy freaked. He said if I didn't give him a hundred grand, he Jane, he threatened my husband's life. I snapped. I grabbed the wrench, and I just hit him as hard as I could.
  • I don't believe you. See, our agreement with the D.A.gives you immunity from prosecution , so now you are making up a story, claiming guilt in order to clear your husband.

    immunity[imjúːnəti] 刑事免責、訴追免除◆自らの罪を認める(self-recrimination)ことと引き換えに行われることが多い。
    prosecution[prɑ̀səkjúːʃən] 起訴、訴追

  • It's arguably brilliant, but I'm not falling for it.

    arguably (見解・意見などが)ほぼ間違いなく、議論の余地はあるかもしれないが

  • All right, look. We've known each other a very long time. Whatever you think of me, I know you won't let an innocent man go to jail. And I have proof.

  • That he's innocent?
  • That I'm guilty.
  • What are you asking me to do?
  • Save Anton.
  • No judge would allow me to represent him.

    represent [代理人]を務める

  • Then find someone who will.


  • Fred, I'm glad you're here.
  • I'm glad I'm here, too.
  • Cookie?
  • Oh, no, thanks. Uh, Stacy, about our talk before
  • I appreciate your honesty. I needed the closure.
  • No. No, no.No.No. Is that what you thought I was giving you? Because that's not what I meant. Hey, new development Ally and I broke up.
  • I'm sorry. She seemed nice.
  • Stacy, what I'm trying to say is, uh You are my Cyndi Lauper, and Ally is just juice.
  • Are you okay? Maybe you've got low blood sugar. It happened to my yoga teacher, and she fainted during downward dog. Have a cookie.
  • No, I'm fine. Stacy the only thing I want is you.
  • No!
  • No?
  • I can't. I know that I love you, but I left nothing on the table.
  • What table?
  • I'm not really sure. But I won't change my mind. We are over, and I'm moving on. My answer is no.
  • Well, um in that case, there's something that I never told you. I'm not human. I'm Jane's guardian angel. When Deb died, I came back down to earth with her.
  • You know that Jane is Deb?
  • Yes. Stacy, I came to earth for her, but I fell in love with you. I broke every rule when I kissed you and even more when we And the only reason I'm telling you this now is because
  • Wait. No, no, no. No. Hold on. Uh this changes everything.
  • What changes everything?
  • I take everything back. This is the most romantic love story ever. I love you too, Fred. And the only reason I said "no" was because I didn't want to get hurt again, but now
  • Stacy, stop. It's too late.
  • No, no. Listen to what I'm saying. We can be together. I want to be with you.
  • Now that I've told you the truth, I have to go back. When I close that door, you're not gonna have any memory of me. I just wanted you to know that I love you. And I always will.


  • Ms.Horn, do you recognize this earring found at the crime scene?
  • Yes, it's mine.
  • I have a receipt for that earring. Well, for the pair. In fact, you gave this receipt to Ms.Bingum earlier today. They're a one-of-a-kind design from an artist in Venice Beach, California. Ms.Horn, is that your receipt?
  • Yes.
  • State the date and time, please.
  • March 13th, 11:21 A.M.
  • The day that Troy was murdered.
  • Yes.
  • Ms.Horn told the detectives that the earring was left at the victim's residence six months ago.
  • I was confused.
  • Can you explain how the earring ended up in the victim's apartment?
  • It must have fallen off when I hit him over the head with a wrench and killed him.
  • Your Honor, Ms.Bingum and Mr.French are making a mockery of your courtroom!
  • You made my client a deal, and she is meeting her obligation.

    obligation[ɑ̀bligéiʃən] 〔慣習・協定・契約などから生じる〕義務(感)、責任、拘束

  • I don't like it, but she's right. Mr.French, your client claimed that he was at the gym. Was he committing perjury?

  • On the night in question, he was playing racquetball. His local branch doesn't have courts, so he drove to the gym in Studio City. As for his sweaty clothes, he showered at the gym and put his gear in a locker. Card swipe data from the Studio City branch of Axel Fitness. March 13th, 8:47 P.M.
  • Well, in light of these facts, I have no choice but to dismiss the charges against Mr.Horn.

    dismiss[dismís] 免訴する

  • Thank you, Owen. I owe you.

  • Did you catch Anton smiling at Emily?
  • Yeah, I did.
  • Jane, I can't thank you enough. Both of you.
  • Owen, would you give us just a moment?
  • I never want to hear from you again.
  • What?
  • You played me. You killed a man and then used me to get away with it. And what I didn't realize until about two minutes ago is that your husband was in on it the entire time.
  • Wow. You are so not the same person you were in law school.
  • Excuse me?
  • You never believed in my innocence, not completely, but you gave it your all. You were amazing, Jane. Just like you said you'd be.
  • Jane I need to talk to you.
  • Can it wait till tomorrow, Fred?
  • I told Stacy the truth. Everything. And I have to go now.
  • Wait. Okay, hold on. What?
  • My replacement's already here.
  • Your replacement is here? Who is it? It's not him, is it? I mean, nothing against mohawks, but, okay, we see you.
  • I don't know.
  • Are you really leaving?
  • Yeah. And I wanted to say thank you.
  • Thank me for what?
  • For pushing the return button. For letting me experience what it's like to be human. It's so much harder than it looks.
  • Jane?
  • Hold on. Just hold on. Bye, Fred.
  • Jane? Are you okay?
  • Yeah.


  • Looking good.
  • Can I help you?
  • How about I buy you a drink to celebrate the firm's victory?
  • No.
  • Okay.
  • Would it be inappropriate if I said you had amazing calves?

    calves[kǽvz]=calfの複数形 ふくらはぎ

  • Yes. And do I need to call security?

  • Oh, that would be a bad idea.
  • Parker you're back.
  • Kim, meet Luke Daniels, the firm's new angel investor. Harrison & Parker isn't exactly flush with cash. While I was out of town, I put the wheels in motion.
  • Well, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go find an empty office.
  • You're working here?
  • I believe in keeping a very close eye on my investments.
  • So, did you find your son?
  • No.
  • Want to talk about it?
  • Nope.
  • I'll be out of your office by the end of the day.
  • Good.


  • Hi.
  • Oh, hi.
  • Congratulations on the win.
  • Oh, thank you. I'm sorry. Do I know you?
  • Oh, no, I'm Luke, the firm's new angel investor.
  • Oh, God.
  • Oh, no, no. Thank you, but not God, just a guardian angel, although I do prefer the title "after-life coach. " You know? It's got more bite.
  • No offense, but I don't need you. Your only purpose is to make sure I don't tell anyone the truth about me, and I promise I won't.
  • My purpose is to make sure you keep moving forward as Jane, not Deb. And from what I gather, you sometimes forget that.
  • For the record, I am Deb. I just happen to be in Jane's body. And if you can't get that straight, we are going to have so many problems.
  • Well, would Deb have flown back from Italy to help defend a person she didn't even remember?
  • For Kim's parking space, maybe.
  • Would Deb feel emotionally conflicted about using the legal system to free a guilty client?
  • How do you know I feel conflicted?
  • Because you're not out celebrating. Instead, you came back to your office to be alone.
  • Well, you're right about one thing. I'd like to be alone.
  • No problem. See you tomorrow.
  • You know what Luke? I may have a bigger brain, and I may see the world very differently through these brown eyes, but I am, and forever will be, Deb.
  • You're feisty. I like that. This is gonna be fun. I'll see you tomorrow, Jane.

    feisty ファイスティー・元気がいい、怒りっぽい、威勢がいい


  • Who is it?
  • It's me. Open up.
  • What's wrong? Are you okay?
  • Remember how you said Jane is Deb? Okay, what if you're onto something? Turns out, Jane was shot the same day Deb died.
  • That's just a coincidence.
  • I just came back from the hospital where they took Jane. I spoke with a nurse who said she flatlined. Jane died and came back to life. You said, "Jane is Deb.” Stacy, you might be right.

flatlined 死んだ  ※語源:心電図の線が水平になることから






Drop Dead Diva/私はラブリーガルはアマゾンプライム会員であれば、毎シーズン1話のみ無料で見れます。 英語字幕はないですが、気になった方はどうぞ。